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Different viewpoints

I have to admit that I love words like syzygy, synecdoche and metonymy.  That’s one of the reasons I recently bought Rhetoric: Principles and Usage (1962, Richard E. Hughes and P. Albert Duhamel).  The other (and better) reason is that I’m hoping to improve as a writer by broadening my horizons and addressing my weaknesses, rather than relying on native talent and hoping for the best.  The book is a pleasant read, but, more importantly, it includes exercises.  This morning I settled down at my typewriter to do one of the exercises, which I’ve decided to share on Windows of the Mind.  The exercise was to describe the same place/event twice, first in an objective tone and then in an impressionistic tone.  I enjoyed writing the two descriptions and being aware of how my style shifted — consciously and unconsciously — to accommodate the difference in tone.

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Torn —
drawn ever closer to the dancing flame,
yearning for that searing touch.
Hoping, clinging fervently to the future,
warned by the past.
Lost in the moment of a silent gaze,
breath held, waiting for release.
Strained, stretched between dreams and despair.
Bound, nearly bursting.