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They took away the sky

This is somewhere between a first and final draft…if you’ve got any comments/feedback, I’d be happy to hear it!

They took away the sky


Fridge poetry

I’ve always been a very fond of magnetic poetry; it’s a great distraction and a wonderful way to relax.  I thought it would be nice to post the poems that are currently up on my fridge before I tear them apart.  These aren’t in any particular order; they were written over the past year by me, various friends, and my lovely partner. Continue reading

Awaiting Inspiration

Softly, uncurling into vision
Adrift, reaching for blossoming
Floating in the dark unknown
Searching for the unsought.

A thrust, breaking the surface
Extended, grasping at infinity
Straining at the lethargy of Ages
Striving for novelty.

Above, possibility
Below, existence


Torn —
drawn ever closer to the dancing flame,
yearning for that searing touch.
Hoping, clinging fervently to the future,
warned by the past.
Lost in the moment of a silent gaze,
breath held, waiting for release.
Strained, stretched between dreams and despair.
Bound, nearly bursting.