About Sedeer

I’m an eclectic talking ape who has always been fascinated by the world around us and deeply enamored with language in every form.  I’m a scientist, with an M.Sc. in evolutionary biology and a Ph.D. in plant genetics. I wrote my first program on a Commodore 64 and have had a foot in the world of computer geekery ever since. I’m also a freelance writer. When I’m not writing, I’m pursuing any of a collection of hobbies, including poetry, piano, cooking, calligraphy, and photography. I live in Morocco and Finland with a congeries of creatures, including my cherished partner, a photographer.

I generally eschew social media in favour of email, but you can find me on Twitter (@inspiringsci) and LinkedIn. If you’re interested in popular science more generally, have a look at my other blog, Inspiring Science. I’ve also written articles for Nature Middle East, Nature Asia Pacific, BBC Focus, Nautilus, and others. You can learn more at my website. If you’d like to hire me for a writing, editing, or speaking job, please get in touch.