Fridge poetry

I’ve always been a very fond of magnetic poetry; it’s a great distraction and a wonderful way to relax.  I thought it would be nice to post the poems that are currently up on my fridge before I tear them apart.  These aren’t in any particular order; they were written over the past year by me, various friends, and my lovely partner.

perhaps animals clean gods universe
but cold marble  never pierces air
always look above lingering mornings
ferocious prisoners healed by poetry
but how do you sail in the night

I put him in holey ice
boy did he me celebrate

devour every pool
 picture yesterday
   kill father
 use those cuts
have an ocean of decay

window feline
longing to fly
cloud & concrete

            bug sex

go haunt vast velvet
on a hand
smoke ghost must seep
make me free
circle job
hot star
worry about no self
in this wet web

soon the champagne will open up
so explore his secret sky
caramel stiff throbbing kiss
have my growling soft embrace
pick my blind and broken bone
translucent breath after all like a slow dance
bring melt liquid corduroy to surround me
young sacred breeze of blushing color

dazzle woman yet
may peace stream
     heart listen
  laugh wear deep as grass

brilliant squirm
will fool dog
bellow like cake

melon is/was moist but less than (you two / she said)

when life at home goes over
too delicious    them who eat
do it    as brother asking

would blue give warm from her
word once red    my one on an old you
why are green fish never from here
he could our cat present    then drink

I beat at it feveringly

lip to candy pie
cup be coffeeish

      almost naked
   like perfumed dirt
a hard bellyful of crap
 and poisoned flowers

I miss thinking voices

but no more for after steel
for days only salt blazed
remember to come
as say they with their porcelain
which out of glass wakes

we ask
tree of women
rhythmed dauther
or child    you

she in in there
we were not let in

though as some lean and know
   the thing did rot & die


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