Torn —
drawn ever closer to the dancing flame,
yearning for that searing touch.
Hoping, clinging fervently to the future,
warned by the past.
Lost in the moment of a silent gaze,
breath held, waiting for release.
Strained, stretched between dreams and despair.
Bound, nearly bursting.


About sedeer

Iā€™m an eclectic talking ape with a long-standing love of language who has always been fascinated by the world around us. View all posts by sedeer

2 responses to “Torn

  • Artists & Acoustic Adventures!

    great poetic description of the human experience. i especially like the “stretched between dreams and despair” phrase—that is so true of the sentiments of an artist. I encounter this in my projects as a singer/songwriter. just started a video blog discussing the creative process/showcasing some live playing. i’ve always sought to create impressions whether it is in my creative writing or songs. and you crafted a nice one with this free verse. thanks!

    • sedeer

      Thanks for your kind words! I haven’t had as much time for this blog as I had hoped, so it’s great to get encouraging feedback. šŸ™‚ Hopefully I’ll have more time for creative writing soon…

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