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A cry

Let us stop fearing to lose what we have but rather begin to revel in what we are! Let us cast aside our cherished possessions and our alienated selves! Let this be the rallying cry of a lost generation, of a youth dispossessed of themselves by a world of possessions. May we no longer have questions and answers, friends and lovers, thoughts and feelings but strive to ask and to respond, to befriend and to love, to think and to feel! To the troubled masses I call out; to the white-washed, white-collared, well-oiled cog I cry: Be!


Silurian, Homo reptilia…what’s in a name?

The Silurians - The Defence Unit (Photo credit: >Rooners)

There’s quite a lot of liberty taken with science in Doctor Who, but that’s never bothered me.  It’s a fun, romping, thoroughly entertaining show which I almost always enjoy — and I absolutely love the timey-wimey paradoxes Steven Moffat comes up with.  Some episodes have even risen to the level of interesting social commentary or moving emotional content.  However, this post isn’t supposed to be a paean of praise for Doctor Who.  Instead, I’d like to rant about a particular peeve of mine. Continue reading